Taste of Caribbean Islands  Restaurant

Fresh  smoothies Cassava juice soy vanilla milk & ice

Beef Roti Chicken, Pulled pork Roti  

Clams macaroni,  white cheddar cheese,made with tomatoes, pasta, celery,  sweet  peppers, fresh lima beans, green onions. 

Jerk chicken Pasta  with  corn ,red onions tomatoes,green onions, 

carrots & white cheddar 


‚Äč Oysters pasta  white cheddar cheese,made with tomatoes, pasta, celery ,sweet peppers,  fresh lima beans,  green onions.

 Salmon  Chopped salad quinoa lecture  red cabbage cucumber, celery roma tomato honey oranges dressing i made my own dressing.  

Beet Salad with carrots & sweet potato & quinoa

Lobsters  with  fancy salad & scalloped.

Smoked snapper with goat cheese served with basmati rice roasted  shallots  lemon, salad.

Fresh  smoothies papaya juice soy vanilla milk & ice

All payments are due upon booking of events we require a 2 or 3 weeks notice for all booking.

Minimum 40 people or more

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