Taste of Caribbean Islands  Restaurant

When people think of Caribbean they think of sunshine, vacation and fun. It is also associated with very tasty and healthy cuisine. But what makes our cuisine so different?

Caribbean cuisine is healthy for few reasons. First we marinate all our meat making it easy to digest. Second, we use lots of fresh veggies and fresh fruits. 

The Caribbean cuisine is delicious because we have our own way to use and blend spices when we marinate the meat and when we cook.

We also clean our meat with lemon, lime, sour oranges juices, vinegar before preparation. Then the meat is rinsed.

This way we keep ourselves and our customers healthy....and happy.

 This is why Caribbean cuisine is so different, tasty and healthy.

When you taste it you know it's Caribbean cuisine.

To taste it is to love it!

We look forward to serve you!